Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ben10's World..


Ben10 fine track car rm18

this set comprises 11pcs :
  • 6 curve tracks
  • 1 racing car
  • 2 straight tracks
  • 2 tree

Ben10 School Bag (blue) RM18 each

size : 12" x 9.5"

Ben10 Square School Bag (sling type) RM15 each

size : 10" x 9"

Ben10 School Bag(2) RM15-SOLD OUT

Ben10 Forever Defense1 RM18 each

height toys : 9"

Ben10 Forever Defense2 RM18 each

height toys : 9"

Ben10 Forever Defense3 RM18 each

height toys : 9"

Ben10 can1 coin bank RM7 each

Ben10 can2 coin bank RM4 each

height: 4.5"

Height 17inch


BEN10 Super Hero (with light) RM7

BEN10 BIG SUPER HERO RM25- sold out

*patung ben10 besar
**with slide watch & 3 disc

BEN10 transform to alien hero RM20

*activate omnitrix with light & sound
**with 3 arm changed
***transformed into alien hero

OMNITRIX light & sound RM9

* include 2 animation disk
**watch BEN10 transform into different alien

BEN10 Arm changed RM12

BEN10 blue light gun RM7 each

*with light & sound

Ben10 Yoyo(assorted) RM2.50 each

*with light & sound

Ben10 AutoCar RM18
-sold out
*available in green & yellow colour

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*pintu & bonet akan buka & tutup secara auto.
*bila dah tutup, baru kereta akan bergerak-gerak.
*bateri AAx4pcs (not provided)

BEN10 extreme car rm6

Ben10 Full Force set RM18

*with mask,watch & 4 disk (watch disk)

Ben10 Full Force Plus RM23-sold out

*with mask, watch plus 4 disk & arm pad

Ben10 light & sound watch RM5

*include 4 disks

Ben10 Slide Watch RM8

*include 4 disks

BEN10 Playing card RM4 each box

design: purple/yellow/green/blue

BEN10 playing card + ben10 watch RM8 each box

*playing card + additional BEN10 watch + 3 disks

BEN10 MINI character collectibles RM12 perset

BEN10 Alien Collection RM22

* alien come with stand & collectibles card
**4 alien character available-ben10, wildmutt,ghostfreak,heatblast
***put card into reader to reveal dna code


*collectible card with alien trivia
**New battle poses with display stand & decoder
***5 alien character available-ben10,wildmutt,xlr8,gwen with grey matter & vilgax.

BEN10 DNA ALIEN HEROES (no.2) RM18-sold out

*collectible card with alien trivia
**New battle poses with display stand & decoder
***5 alien character available-ben10, grey matter ,ghostfreak,heatblast & ghostfreak2.

BEN10 5 character collectibles RM20 - sold out

BEN10 critical impact collection RM25-sold out

BEN10 collect them all (light & sound) RM12

BEN10 collect them all accessories RM18 perset-SOLD OUT

BEN10 Super Bus RM8 each

*with light & sound
*also moving


BEN10 Flip fon RM2.50

BEN10 slide fon RM3.50 each

BEN10 cell Phone RM8 each

*with led light & sound

BEN10 cellPhone light & sound RM10

*with light & sound

BEN10 Hellicopter RM18-sold out

*multi function>moving/light & sound
*batteries not included

BEN10 watch RM10

Ben10 rubber keychain RM4 each

BEN10 Soft bag
Big rm24/Small rm18

Big RM24
Tinggi: 14 inci
Panjang:12.5 inci
Lebar:5 inci

Small RM18
Tinggi: 11inci
Panjang:10 inci
Lebar:4 inci

BEN10 Lunch Bag (green)
Big RM12/Small RM8-sold out

Big RM12
Tinggi: 12 inci
Panjang:11 inci
Lebar:4.5 inci

Small RM8
Tinggi: 10 inci
Panjang:9.5 inci
Lebar:4.5 inci

BEN10 Lunch Bag (Blue)
Big RM12/Small RM8-sold out

*small -available


Ben10 lunch Bag (black) RM12
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