Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Barney's the purple dinasour...


Singing Barney's Family

L size (24 inch) Rm48-available
M size (19 inch) Rm32 -available
S size (11 inch) Rm20 -available

also pre order of
XL size - rm80
XXL size - RM190

*batteries not included
**can changed/replaced batteries

*picture of barney XL with model 3 years old.


FP Singing Barney L size RM50
FP Singing Barney M Size RM35<
FP Singing BArney S Size RM25

*material :very-very soft, suitable to cuddles
** Built in sound
***with tag of Fisher Price

BabyBop (Barney & Friends) RM45

*Singing Babybop
** L size-Height 22"

BJ (Barney & Friends) RM45

*Singing BJ
**L size-height 22"

Fisher Price Ori Barney RM18

Height 10 inch
Original Barney
Soft & very good quality
no music

FisherPrice Stick On Barney/Baby Bop

FP stick on Singing Barney RM10
FP Singing Barney Keychain RM8
FP Singing Baby Bop stick on RM10

*with built in sound.

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  1. err how if im interested to purchase one of these?any contact number for fast dealing?